Pacific  VGA Bridge Dual - Black Pacific  VGA Bridge Dual - Black Pacific  VGA Bridge Dual - Black Pacific  VGA Bridge Dual - Black Pacific  VGA Bridge Dual - Black Pacific  VGA Bridge Dual - Black
Pacific  VGA Bridge Dual - Black

Pacific VGA Bridge Dual - Black

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High quality POM VGA block bridge for the connection of two graphics cards water blocks

Thermaltake Pacific VGA Bridge Dual – Black
Thermaltake’s new Pacific VGA Bridge Series is the interconnect to link multiple video card water blocks together with ease, only compatible with Thermaltake VGA blocks. Featuring 12mm pass through ports, the Pacific VGA Bridge Series is manufactured with high quality POM, fits most of G1/4 fittings. Choose from: dual, triple, and quad bridge lengths to provide easier fitting installation and loop management.
Tt LCS Certified is a Thermaltake exclusive certification applied only to products that pass the design and hardcore enthusiasts standards that a true LCS chassis should hold to. The Tt LCS certification was created so that we at Thermaltake can indicate to all power users which chassis have been tested to be best compatible with extreme liquid cooling configurations, ensuring you get the best performance from the best features and fitment.

High Water Flow Design
12mm pass through ports ensures high flow rates. The coolant flow path helps evacuate unwanted heat from the GPU, maintaining overclocking stability and reliability.

Easy Installation
Designed to fit Thermaltake Pacific Series VGA blocks with universal mounting mechanisms, the Pacific VGA Bridge Series allows enthusiasts to build superior water cooling systems from an aesthetic standpoint as well as incorporate modular chassis upgrades for the future.


Thermaltake recommends the following steps to be taken after completing your water loop setup
  1. It is strongly recommended to use market proven pre-mix coolant, such as Thermaltake Coolant 1000. It offers great performance while preventing the entire cooling system – copper, brass, nickel, aluminum, and steel – from corrosion.
  2. Fill the reservoir with coolant and cycle the power on and off several times while the pump pushing the coolant into the loop.
  3. DO NOT let the pump run dry, when there is no liquid entering the pump turn off your power immediately
  4. Fill the reservoir to the top as it will prevent air from going into the pump
  5. If necessary tilt the system slightly from side to side to bleed the air out of the loop.
  6. Place some paper towels under fittings and joining points to test for leaks.
  7. Run the loop with the fill port open for about 24 hours to completely bleed the air out of the loop
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P/N CL-W060-PL00BL-A
Dimensions 58.5 L x 60 W x 20 H mm
Gewicht 96 g
Material POM
Threads G ¼”

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