2021 Thermaltake Expo June Virtual Exhibition Concludes with Great Success Design “Your MOD, Your Way”

2021 Thermaltake Expo June Virtual Exhibition
Concludes with Great Success
Design “Your MOD, Your Way”

Taipei, TaiwanJune 8th, 2021 Thermaltake, the leading premium brand of PC DIY components for Cooling, Gaming Gear and Enthusiast Memory solutions, concluded the 2021 Thermaltake Expo June Virtual Exhibition on a high note. From June 1st to the 4th Thermaltake delivered an incredible virtual show via live stream on the Thermaltake Facebook Page, Thermaltake Global YouTube Channel, Event Microsite, and other platforms; garnering an estimate of 70K views.
Your MOD, Your Way
During this event, Thermaltake delivered new products in line with the marketing idea “Your MOD, Your WAY”, by introducing fan-favorite product lines in vibrant new color washes. The purpose was to bring our core audience - the gamers, modders, and PC DIY enthusiasts - more customization choices for their PC builds. Users could enjoy mixing & matching their build with the new variety of color options.

Product Launch Highlights
New products launched included stunning chassis like the innovative Core P6 TG Mid-Tower Chassis, the Divider 500/300/200 Chassis Series in TG Air/TG ARGB/TG Editions, and the colorful Tower 100 Mini Chassis in Turquoise, Racing Green, and Metallic Gold. The audience was especially excited to see the Toughpower GF1 650/750/850W Gold Power Supply in a rarely seen Snow color. The TOUGHLIQUID Ultra 240/360 CPU All-In-One Liquid Cooler also features a LCD screen that enables users to customize and upload gif files. The latest TT RGB PLUS 2.0 Software allows users to seamlessly control select PSU, Ram, and Memory- three major computer components. New ram was also released, the TOUGHRAM RGB 3600 MHZ 16GB Memory, in two limited edition colors- Turquoise and Racing Green. One of the most jaw-dropping products was the Argent E700/E700 GT Real Leather Gaming Chair in a total of 6 new colors. There was the standard Black, Snow, and original Space Gray finish, and the “Special Colors” in Blue, Orange, and Green. Several more new products were announced; to learn more please watch the past videos in the links below.

Diverse Content & Awesome Giveaways
Besides the CEO Keynote, we offered our audience diverse content, which included Product Launches, Product Discussions, and User Experience Live Streams. Most importantly we held our largest giveaway to date, by giving away a complete Divider Mid-Tower Chassis Air Edition PC build, the Tower 100 Mini Chassis Turquoise Edition, and many more.
Thermaltake is always striving to achieve our mission of “Delivering the Perfect User Experience”, and we want to thank our audience and fans for their continuous support. We look forward to meeting you again at our next event. Thank you!

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