Thermaltake New Pacific CL Copper Radiators Series with 7 New Liquid Cooling Products at CES 2018 Deliver the Ultimate Performance for Your Liquid Cooling Gaming PCs

Thermaltake New Pacific CL Copper Radiators Series
with 7 New Liquid Cooling Products at CES 2018
Deliver the Ultimate Performance for Your Liquid Cooling Gaming PCs    


Las Vegas, United StatesJanuary 10th, 2018Thermaltake, a leading brand in PC cooling solutions, today released the latest copper radiator lineup – Pacific CL360, Pacific CL420 and Pacific CL480 along with 7 most advanced liquid cooling products at CES 2018, located at the Venetian Hotel Veronese 2402 Suite from January 9 th (Tue) to 12 th (Fri). Avaliable in 360mm, 420mm and 480mm, the Pacific CL Series ultilize an extremely thick radiator with copper, brass fins, and stainless steel made side panels to reduce the weight and assure the best cooling capacity and durability. The integrated G1/4" threads are optimized for easy installation while rigid connections ensure leak-resistant measures are in place. The following are 7 new cooling products displayed at the booth. The Pacific C-PRO 16mm OD Compression Fitting is custom made to simplify the installation of PETG tubing, and is available in 6 different colors. The Tt Premium Ice Blue UV Concentrate Coolant is a ready-to-mix and UV reactive blue dye for Thermaltake C1000 series coolants. The Pacific M4 RGB CPU Water Block is a 256-color RGB waterblock designed for the ASUS X299 TUF MARK I/MARK II motherboards and ASUS Aura Sync, along with three water cooling kits – Pacific M360 Plus Liquid Cooling Kit, Pacific M360 Liquid Cooling Kit and Pacific M240 Liquid Cooling Kit
All the products will be available on TT Premium online shops soon. The product availability and price vary by country and region, please contact the local Thermaltake sales representative for further information.
Further information from Thermaltake at CES 2018 is available on our dedicated CES 2018 website:

TT Premium
To continue achieving the corporate mission of delivering the perfect user experience, Thermaltake developed “TT Premium” with the essence of combining supreme quality products with a new logo design. TT Premium is far more than just a guarantee of quality. Behind the name, it represents the passion in DIY, Modding and Thermaltake’s desire to be the most innovative brand in the PC hardware market. To satisfy the demand of the high-end PC users, TT Premium follows its core values of Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations and Boundless Creativity to provide a high performance PC product for every enthusiast.
Exclusively “Tt LCS Certified”
Tt LCS Certified is a Thermaltake exclusive certification applied to products that pass the design and rigorous hardcore enthusiast standards that only the world’s best LCS chassis are held to. The Tt LCS certification was created so that we at Thermaltake can clearly convey to power users and enthusiasts which chassis are built and tested to be best compatible under extreme liquid cooling configurations. This ensures you get the best performance, compatibility and features.

Features of the Thermaltake Pacific CL360/ CL420/ CL480 Radiators:
Optimized Heat Dispatching
The Pacific CL series is optimized to efficiently pull heat away from the power-dissipating components thus achieving maximum heat dissipation at both low and high airflow operation. After brazing, the fin and tube connect to form a joint, thereby creating uniform heat transfer. The radiators are capable of delivering an average heating load of 32℃-35℃, bringing new levels of cooling performance and reliability to any water-cooled PC.
Triple-Row Tubes
To assure the best thermal capacity and increase in heat transfer, the Pacific CL360 ,Pacific CL480 and Pacific CL420 are engineered with an extremely thick 64mm radiator along with a triple-row  flat tube design. This technique allows water to flow down on one side, and then pass across the bottom chamber before circulating back to the other side of the radiator.
High-Density Copper and Brass Fin Design
Fin density is optimally designed to accommodate high air volume (FPI: 14). The performance improves significantly with increased fan speed, offering superior cooling efficiency during operation.
Stainless Steel Side Panels
Unlike most of copper radiators on the market, the Pacific CL series utilizes stainless steel made side panels that increase the durability and strength of the radiators while reducing the weight.
Remarkable Expansion

The Pacific CL360 and Pacific CL480 are designed for 120mm high-static pressure fans. The Pacific CL420 is designed for 140mm high-static pressure fans. All radiators allow users to build up aesthetically-superior water-cooled PCs as well as incorporate externally-modular upgrades for the systems, delivering the ultimate in custom configurations. 

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