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Frio Extreme

Frio Extreme

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79,90 € (included VAT)

Ultimate Overclocking unterstützt TDP bis 250W


- Ultimate Overclocking Design.
- Kombination von PWM und manueller Steuerung.
- Universelle Kompabilität für Intel und AMD Prozessoren.


Ultimate Overclocking unterstützt TDP bis 250W

  • Zwei Kühlkörper im Turmdesign erhöhen die Fläche zur Wärmeableitung
  • 6 x 6mm Heat-Pipes beschleunigen die Wärmeableitung
  • Spiegelglatte Kontaktfläche aus Kupfer.
  • Premium Wärmeleitpaste garantiert eine perfekte Ableitung der Wärme vom Prozessor.

Kombination aus PWM und manueller Steuerung

  • Zwei 14cm hocheffiziente Lüfter mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 1,200 bis 1,800 U/min.
  • Kombination aus PWM und manueller Steuerung.
  • Werkzeugfreie einfache Installation ermöglichen ein schnelles Setup des Systems.

Universeller Montagesatz und reichhaltiges Zubehör

  • All-in-One Montageplatte, Unterstützt alle aktuellen Intel und AMD Prozessoren
  • Universeller Montagesatz für :
    Intel: LGA 2011, 1366, 1155, 1156, 775
    AMD: FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2


Intel Motherboard Installation


Step 1 Step 2
Führen Sie die Schrauben durch die Löcher der Montageplatte durch das Mainboard Und sichern Sie diese mit den beiliegenden Kunststoffschrauben.
Step 3 Step 4
Für LGA2011: Für die Montage auf LGA2011 verschrauben Sie die beiden Halterahmen mit der Montagevorrichtung des Sockels. Hierfür verwenden Sie bitte die beiligenden Muttern. Installieren sie die beiden Lüfterklammern
Step 5 Step 6
Bestreichen Sie den Prozessor mit einer dünnen Schicht Wärmeleitpaste. Fixieren Sie den Kühlkörper auf den Prozessor und verschrauben Sie diesen mit den Streben.
Step 7 Step 8
Befestigen Sie die beiden Lüfter mit den Klammern Verbinden Sie beide Lüfterkabel mit dem Kontroller und mit dem CPU Lüfter-Anschluss auf dem Mainboard.
Step 9  
Schliessen Sie den 4 Pin Anschluss mit dem CPU-Lüfteranschluss auf dem Mainboard an.  

AMD Motherboard Installation


Step 1 Step 2
Führen Sie die Schrauben durch die Löcher der Montageplatte durch das Mainboard Befestigen Sie die beiden Halterahmen mit den Rändelschrauben und verwenden als Abstandshalter die Kunststoffschrauben.
Step 3 Step 4
Installieren sie die beiden Lüfterklammern Bestreichen Sie den Prozessor mit einer dünnen Schicht Wärmeleitpaste.
Step 5 Step 6
Fixieren Sie den Kühlkörper auf den Prozessor und verschrauben Sie diesen mit den Streben. Befestigen Sie die beiden Lüfter mit den Klammern
Step 7 Step 8
Verbinden Sie beide Lüfterkabel mit dem Kontroller und mit dem CPU Lüfter-Anschluss auf dem Mainboard. Schliessen Sie den 4 Pin Anschluss mit dem CPU-Lüfteranschluss auf dem Mainboard an.


Mehr Informationen
P/N CLP0587
Compatibility Intel LGA 2066/2011-3/2011/1366/1156/1155/1151/1150/775
Dimensions 148.2(L) x 151(W) x 160(H) mm (2 Fans)
Heatpipe 6mm x 6 PCS
Connector 4 Pin
Fan Dimension 140(L) x 140(H) x 25(W) mm
Fan Speed 1200 ~ 1800 RPM
Rated Voltage 12 V
Rated Current 0.5 A
Power Input 7.2 W
Max Air Flow 106.2 CFM
Air Pressure 2.34 mmH2O
Noise 38 dBA ~ 18dBA
Life time/Fan Life time 100,000 Hours
Cooling Power


Gewicht 1,230g
Warranty 10 Years

+ solid manufactured
+ very good cooling performance
+ easy and toolless installation
+ support for all sockets
+ accessoires



The Frio Extreme made ​​by Thermaltake receives OverclockingStation the well-deserved "Efficiency Award" for his outstanding cooling performance at a reasonable price of this magnitude.
Then we give additionally the "Best Hardware Award "for its processing and a successful continuation in the Frio family.


可安裝第三科風扇,顯卡插在第二PCI-E 把空間讓出即可



Good performance even with fans at medium / low speed
The fan speed can be adjusted either manually or automatically (PWM)
Very good finish at the base
Full support Intel / AMD sockets
Ease of Installation



For the Tt Frio Extreme CPU Heatsink that has been pouring through it. It works great when compared with Thermalright U120 Extreme is an active comparator, but I must say it was a different era, it is because of the brand I use, it's to die since then. It is to me. Cooling may be due to the design, winds through the rolling of aluminum film to see what you are. Heat pipe with a pipe size of six millimeters of the tube heat transfer from the base of the copper coating. And also played at a big fan of it. Not cold, it will also do that for Tt Frio Extreme CPU Heatsink.


For performance, however, nothing to say, now Thermaltake has become a certainty and his Frio coolers, permanently occupying the top position on our list. These two points are enough to give an answer to the title of review, and we think that, with the Frio Extreme, Thermaltake has not made any false step, but that there is not even gone too far, in fact just saving himself for some improvements introduced on the new Cooler, such as the slight improvement had on the side of the noise without that this would go to penalize the performance, or the possibility of potergli replace the fan so as to decrease the acoustic emissions or simply to replace them if stopped working.


As expected from a cooler of this magnitude, the Thermaltake Frio Extreme is capable of taking on even watercooling solutions. With its fans running at maximum speed, the Frio Extreme managed to outperform every other air cooler we have tested to date and is only being surpassed by the Corsair H100, one of the better “user friendly” watercooling solutions.


Tt Frio Extreme散熱器擁有不錯的表現,能將預設值的Core i7 3770K壓制在56度左右,加壓超頻之後的Core i7 3770K溫度壓制在87℃左右(如果在有空調的地方測起來數據會更漂亮),相信只要能有效規劃機殼對流,這樣的配置仍能讓超頻之後CPU溫度作有效的控制,另外原廠在Tt Frio Extreme散熱器選用搭配線扣具安裝雙14CM一吹一抽的散熱風扇也有其考量,安裝上都簡便許多,讓系統運轉噪音更低,散熱效能也維持在相當優異的表現。讓使用者可輕鬆使用CPU散熱器來兼顧其他元件的散熱,個人覺得整體搭配相當不錯,不過其中缺點是,扣具安裝上不算便利,一定要先固定上CPU才能裝風扇,這一來換裝就是大工程了,另外因為體積大加上採用14CM風扇,對散熱器或是記憶體的安裝恐會產生限制,以上提供給各位參考


Thermaltake has once again shown why they make some of the best coolers around. The Frio Extreme performed pretty well on our test bench and was not as loud as that of the Frio Advance which we test just last week. The dual tower heat sinks has once again top the charts of being the best technology to get the best cooling performance.

Overclockers Tech

Hands down, this is the best air cooling solution I have ever tested or worked with. The fact that the Frio Extreme comes with an industry leading 10 year warranty just adds to the list of why this cooler rates so high on my list. The Thermaltake Frio Extreme has done the Frio line of coolers proud, and has brought it to a new level. The base of the cooler has a polished finish second to none, and by the testing results, it does its job!


Thermaltake are clearly going after the enthusiast performance crown with the release of their latest Frio Extreme cooler.

Legit Reviews

The Thermaltake fans at full speed are louder than the Noctuas', but they perform similarly on the low fan speed setting. Some users may not be bothered by this; there are some that want the system as quiet as they can get it. Thermaltake was considerate and included a fan controller. The controller is great as its selectable mode for either PWM or VR is nice. It lets the user to set the speed they can live with and forget it, or let the system control it, or even switch between them. On low speed the Thermaltake 140mm fans are nice and quiet, but on high they are loud enough that you will notice them.

Frosty Tech

Generally speaking, the Thermaltake Frio Extreme heatsink is an excellent-to-very good thermal solution on both Intel & AMD platforms. As we saw hardly any drop in thermal performance when the large 140mm fans were slowed to 1200RPM, it's best to run the heatsink in this manner and even up the operational footprint against similarly performing, slightly quieter, twin-tower heatsinks.


As I mentioned before I am quite impressed, this is definitely a good cooler. There aren't many issues with it and there are lots of good things about it. I give it a 9.1/10 and definitely recommend it if it'll fit your case!

All told there are lots of pros:
    Great cooling performance.
    Comes with a fan controller.
    Fans give excellent airflow for their noise level.
    Mounting hardware is nice and secure.
    Looks great.


With a price of 75.00 € to the public, the Frio Extreme is aligned with the best competing solutions, but offers a more fanbus good quality and a guarantee of 10 years. Inevitably, the endgame, giving the Extreme heatsink Thermaltake Frio our highest recognition.


remarkable performance

excellent trimmings

excellent equipment accessory



Hi Tech Legion

Overall, Thermaltake did an excellent job with the Frio Extreme. Cooling was excellent, with low noise levels, while engineering and build quality of the Frio Extreme are absolutely top notch.
    Excellent Cooling At Idle and Under Load
    Well Engineered and Executed Mounting Kit For Easy and Sturdy Installation
    Excellent Build Quality and Finish
    Very Quiet At All Fan Speeds
    Selectable PWM/VR Modes For Fan Control
    High Overclock Easily Achieved While Keeping Within Thermal Limits
    Attractive Design With Blue Fan Blades
    Included Remote For Fan Control


However, Frio Extreme is a product with a clear purpose and even if you include the whole story of recent current Thermaltake's guarantee of 10 years, this fridge is fully deserving of "PCAXE STAR" award. One can even say that Tt Frio Extreme long description of our awards. If you want top performance, Tt Frio Extreme is currently the best option on the market. Our warm recommendation.

Tech Arena

With the Thermaltake Extreme Frio succeeds in something you do not expect, a heat sink that is certainly not revolutionary, but it fits with solutions, although extreme, are essential to achieve results that will lead up the category.


It not only beat by three degrees Celsius the best air cooler that we have tested so far; it also reached the same level of performance as the best liquid cooler that we have tested, being quieter than both.The Thermaltake Frio Extreme is the best CPU cooler we’ve seen to date. Period.


The best dual tower cooler I have seen! There is a perfect mix of performance and noise levels in the Frio Extreme. Room allowing, I strongly suggest you get one for yourself!!


Overall, the Frio Extreme is another fine example of a high quality product that we have all come to know and expect from the Thermaltake brand.


  • Dual Tower Design
  • Fan Controller
  • Easy Installation
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
Frio Extreme does offer excellent cooling performance on par with that of the best CPU Coolers currently out in the market and so for people who don't own tall memory modules and care not about noise the Frio Extreme should be amongst their top choices and because of that we give it our Golden Award. <More>

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